Who we Are

Who we are

We are Rotarians, members of a world wide service organisation. This is our Club website. Want to know what we do? Visit our posts page:

In spite of Covid-19 the Club still wanted to support local and international charities and we are pleased that we were able to give a total of £5,325  to eleven worthy causes in 2020:

In addition we ran a Laptop Project which generated 34 refurbished computers – laptops and all in one machines:

And we ran three Club Youth Competitions – Young Artist, Young Writer and Young Photographer – all with the same theme “Our World after Covid”.

Our Club belongs to Rotary International – the world’s largest organisation for professional men and women. As Rotarians we all want to give something back to our local community whilst supporting national and international initiatives. We welcome like minded people of any age who have fresh ideas and enthusiasm to join us in making a difference.

We are back to meeting on Thursdays to eat together and plan our activities with our President, Robert McLaren.

Visit the other pages to see how our Club and Rotary make a difference and if you want to get in touch please use the form on the last page or the contact details below. We would love to hear from you.

(The gorgeous purple crocuses in the picture above commemorate the Rotary global campaign to End Polio – since 1985 Rotary’s key humanitarian priority. These are local, planted by our Club a couple of years ago and come up every Spring).